Durable, anthropomorphic hands

The final missing piece of robotic hardware needed to build intelligent androids is the human-level hand. Clone has built the first durable, 24 degree-of-freedom manipulator:
  • Thumb rotation
  • Fingers from left to right
  • Wrist movements
  • Natural pronation and supination of forearm
  • Locked elbow joint

Low-cost, biomimetic skeleton

Clone has developed a technique to chemically mold dense, biomimetic bones from materials that can be obtained almost for free.

Size and biometric characteristics are the same as human hand:
  • Includes half of arm bone
  • Full forearm and palm with all possible degrees of freedom
  • Total length of 60 cm

Custom portable hydraulic powering supply

Equipped with 500W BLDC motor

  • Water vane pump that supplies 400l/h 10 bar
  • Flexible, monolithic pressure distribution system
  • Water filtering
  • Flexible reservoir for 0.5l of purified water
  • Total weight of 4.3 kg

Proportional force valves

36 specially designed electro-hydraulic valves for McKibben muscles control.

  • Each valve weighs 26 grams
  • Pressure sensor in each valve for every muscle
  • Strength and flow control for every muscle

Proprietary artificial muscles

After 8 years of trial-and-error R&D, Clone invented a class of hydraulic McKibben muscles.

  • Robust to environmental perturbations and large payloads.
  • Build with materials that are cheap to manufacture.
  • As strong as human muscles.
  • Similar responses to human muscles
  • Over 650 000 cycles with 1kg load
  • 27.5% contraction under 1kg load
  • 0.3s full contraction time under 1kg load

Portable, lightweight suitcase

All system fits into small suitcase (46x33x16 cm), that weights 6kg(12.2lbs) which includes:

  • Clone Hand
  • Hydraulic power supply
  • All 36 valves
  • Battery pack 180W/h
  • Raspberry PI 4B 8GB